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The token drop date and supply are displayed in the 'This Month's Drops' section and move up closer to your launch date.
Drop of The Day - Launch Day
On your token's launch day, one of the featured banners on our homepage will be dedicated to your token 12 hours prior to your launch.
Drop of The Day - Launch
During the token launch, your token and a link to the launch will be displayed as a featured launch, appearing as one of the first things people see on the homepage.
Vetted Badge
All of your tokens' presence on Pumpr will be accompanied by a 'Vetted' badge, indicating to people that your team has nothing to hide, has a solid plan, and has been vetted by Pumpr and its partners.
All of your tokens' presence on Pumpr will be accompanied by a 'Our Pick' badge. This option is not a promotional tool and can only be obtained by projects in which we have great confidence.

Select Package

Basic Package

Basic Package places your token launch into the upcoming launches database of Pumpr. Your launch details should appear on the website within the following 30 minutes

Price: 5,000 $PUMPR

Featured Package

The Featured Package brings as many eyes to your launch as possible. Not only does your project appear on the Pumpr homepage, but we also feature it on our Upcoming list on Twitter and Telegram! Let's launch your coin!

Price: 25,000 $PUMPR

Vetted Package

Vetted status involves a thorough review of your project by Pumpr, including team and strategies. While this incurs an extra fee, it's not a guaranteed badge. If standards aren't met you will receive featured package.

Price: 125,000 $PUMPR

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Note: For banner we require 1920x1080px png image.
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Total: 25,000


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